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This series starts when a cute little innocent boy named Goku and a teenage girl named Bulma cross paths. From that day on their adventures of finding the Dragon Balls begin. Bulma is in search of the dragonballs because she wants to wish for a boyfriend after she finds out the legend of the Dragon Balls. The legend is that the carrier of all seven of the balls would be granted one wish, any wish, by a dragon named Shen Long that lives inside of them. The problem is that Pilaf (he is the king of some small kingdom) & sidekicks Mai (a girl) and Shal (a ninja dog), wants to get the balls also to expand his reign of terror to include the entire world.

Along the way of this exciting adventure of getting the Dragon balls before Pilaf, we meet new and interesting characters. The first person they meet is Umigame, a turtle that had lost its way. Goku helps him find his destination and it is there where he meets Master Roshi. It is Master Roshi that gives Goku his "Flying Nimbus". Only those that are pure in heart are able to ride on this cloud, and Goku is just that and more. This cloud is a means of transportation for Goku through out the series. Later they go to a city where there is a being that is scaring everyone away. This person is Oolong, a pig that can change the way he looks, after being defeated by Goku he tags along for the excitement as well. Their next soon to be friend is a highway robber named Yamcha and his sidekick Puar, he too is able to change his appearance. Bulma and Yamcha have a "thing" going from that point on. The next to come are The Ox King (he was a martial arts student of Master Roshi) and Chi-chi (his daughter), who live and are the rulers of a mountain top called Fry-pan, where they gather a dragonball. The mountain top has caught on fire and Master Roshi helps The Ox King by blowing off the fire with a "Ka-me-ha-me-ha". After seeing Master Roshi do this Goku attempts it and does it for the first time, something that took Master Roshi fifty years to do!

Goku and the others go to the palace of Emperor Pilaf to gather the dragonballs that Pilaf has collected. On their way there they are trapped and Emperor Pilaf now has all seven of the Dragonballs and is about to make a terrible wish. He wants to rule the entire world! Pilaf has all of the dragonballs and is summoning the dragon. Goku makes a tiny hole on the wall of the room that they are trapped in by using his new technique the "Kamehameha". Since the hole is too small for any of them, Goku, Bulma, or Yamcha, Oolong and Puar convert into bats and go flying towards Pilaf to try to stop him. Right as Pilaf is making his wish Oolong saves the day by interrupting the wish and making a wish of his own. A pair of women's underwear! As a result the dragonballs are once again spread across the face of the Earth and will activate again until another year. After this they are all recaptured and are place in a room where they are going to fry the next morning.

It is a full moon outside and Goku is telling everyone about a monster that comes out during the full moon. No one beleived him and he told them that his Grandfather Gohan was killed by one of those monkeys in the full and with his dying words told Goku never to look at the full moon. Goku said that he slept through the whole thing so he didn't remember the monster. The rest of the team are getting scared and hoping that it isn't Goku that turns into a monster by looking at the full moon. So Bulma points at the moon and tells Goku not to look over there, which causes Goku to turn. And to their surprise Goku changes into a waremonkey called Oozaru right before their eyes. As he turns into Oozaru and goes on a rampage and destructs everything in his sight, so in a way they were all saved from the room where they were destined to die the next morning, but were not saved from Goku. So to try to stop Goku they cut of his tail and it works, he changes back to his normal self and does not remember anything again. His friends decide not to tell him because it would hurt him to much to find out that it was he that killed his grandfather. Goku decides to train with Master Roshi, while everyone else decides to live in the city. Bulma gives her radar to Goku because she doesn't need it anymore, because she already has her wish. A BOYFRIEND!!! (This is when her and Yamcha really hook up) They say good bye with the hope of seeing each other again.

When Goku arrives at Master Roshi's island he meets a yound munk, one year older than Goku, named Krillin. Krillin wants to train with Master Roshi, but Master Roshi says that he doesn't want any disciples. Krillin gives Master Roshi a dirty magazine and he changes his mind. He tells them that the one to bring him the 'Sleeping Princess' will get to be his student. They go there, but find out that the princess was not a person, but a jewel.

During this quest Goku saves Krillin's life and since then become best friends (as Goku and Krillin met you can see that he didn't like Goku, but later changes his mind). Instead they meet up with a girl named Lunch and take her instead. Master Roshi is pleased and decides to take them both as students. There is only one problem with this girl, that is that when she sneezes she becomes totally the oposite, from being a nice and sweet girl to a very agressive one, her hair color also changes from blue to blonde. After a very hard and long training they enter a Tenkaichi Budokai tournament (a martial arts tournament). This is where they were going to show all that they had learned.

In this tournament Goku finds his old friends, since Yamcha signed up for the tournament also. Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha qualify for the finals. In the finals both Krillin and Yamcha are beaten by a guy that goes by the name of Jackie Chun, which is Master Roshi in disguise. Goku passes to the final match against Jackie Chun, no one is aware that it is Master Roshi. During the fight Goku turns into Oozaru, but Jackie Chun solves this by destroying the moon with a Kamehameha. Goku loses the battle and gets second place, but decides to train harder to win the next tournament in another three years and heads off to find his grandpa's four-star dragonball.


Just as Goku is looking for his four star Dragonball, a military organization is trying to reunite the seven Dragon Balls. Once again evil is trying to take over the world, this time it is the Red Ribbon Army. Goku has been all over the world now searching for that dragonball that his grandpa had given him. Goku is able to annihilate the army to get his Dragon Ball back.

In this series we meet many new characters, some are good like Gora and Upah (the two little indians that protect Karin Tower), Sho (a girl that lives in the mountains), Number 18 (a robot made by Dr. Gero), Bulma's parents (Dr. Briefs and Mrs. Briefs), Karin (the cat that lives on Karin Tower), and the ones that live in the Pinguin Vilalge (Arale, Obotchaman, Dr. Slump, Midori, Turbo, and more)

Tao Pai Pai had killed Upah's father, so Goku vows revenge and gets it. He makes Tao Pai Pai fall for his own trick and so Tao Pai Pai explodes with his own granade. After destroying him and most of the Red Ribbon Army , Goku decides to revive Upah's father and he finds himself with the problem of not finding one of the Dragon Balls. He unites with Uranai Baba (the sister of Master Roshi, which is a witch) so that she can look into her magic ball and tell them where the last Dragon Ball is located. Since they had no money, Goku is to fight against some ghosts for Baba in return for her services. These ghost are Dracula Man, Tomein Ningen (the invisible man), Miira (the mummy), Ackman (the devil), and Son Gohan (Goku's grandfather). After defeating all of them, Goku finds out that Pilaf has the last Dragon Ball, in which Goku would have no problem getting. After bringing Bora , Upah's father, back to life, Goku decides to go around and world and try to better his skills.

Once again the best fighters in the world are united at the 22 Tenkaichi Budokai tournament. Here we meet two fighters Ten Shin Han and Chauzu (which are students of Tsuru Sennin, the brother of Tao Pai Pai), who at first are enemies of Goku, but after the tournament become good friends. The final fights include Goku vs. Krillin (Goku wins), Jackie Chun (Master Roshi in disguise) vs. Ten Shin Han (Jackie Chun intentionally loses). So the final match is between Goku and Ten, after a long match Ten barely wins. The celebrating does not last long, because Krillin is killed.


After the 22 martial arts tournament, one which Goku gets second and Ten Shin Han gets first, an old enemy of humanity comes back again to scatter darkness on Earth, his name is Piccolo Daimao. He has no idea of his opponent Goku, and how stong he is. Goku's first encounter is with Tambourine (one of Piccolo's henchmen), because he murders Goku's best friend Krillin, and later with Timbal (which ends up being eaten by Yajirobe), and Drum (the demond that goes up against Ten Shin Han).

Piccolo, after facing and defeating Goku, gets wished eternal life by the Dragon ShenLong, which is then eliminated (ShenLong). Piccolo also kills Master Roshi (in an attempt to trap Piccolo with a technique that his (Master Roshi's) master had done before), and Chauzu. After Goku was not able to keep up with Piccolo, goes to the sacred tower with his new friend Yajirobe, and drinks the sacred water, and his powers increase. Ten Shin Han faces Piccolo and tries to do the technique that Master Roshi had tried before and too fails and is almost killed, but Goku comes right at the nick of time. After a hard battle, Goku wins, but as Picollo dies, he leaves an egg that contains his son and which is supposed to avenge his (Picollo's) death.

Goku wants to revive his dead friends, but can't since Picollo had destroyed She Long. So he goes to Kami's island to ask Kami sama for help. It turns out that Kami is the good part of Picollo. He (Kami) revives Shen Long, with the help of Mr. Popo (Kami's assistant). Shen Long is revived and Goku gets his wish, to revive his friends, but he (Goku) can't see his friends until another three years (in return of reviving Shen Long, Goku agress to stay and train with Kami Sama for three years, until the next tournament where he is to face Picollo's son). After the three years of hard training Goku enters in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai tournament.

The finalist include, Kami (Kami sama disguised), Goku, Chi-chi (Goku's future wife and an old friend, after a fight against Goku and Chi chi, Goku decides to marry her since he did promise when he was little because he thought that marriage was food, after the match they make an announcement that Goku and Chi chi are going to get married), Ten Shin Han, Krillin, Yamcha, Tao Pai Pai, and of course Picollo Jr.

The first matches are Tao Pai Pai vs. Ten Shin Han (Ten wins), Yamcha vs. Shen (Shen wins) , Krillin vs. Picollo Jr. (Picollo wins), and Goku vs. Chi chi (Goku wins). Then it is Ten vs. Goku (Goku wins) and Picollo vs. Kami (Picollo wins) The two final finalist are Picollo Jr. and Goku, and after a long hard battle Goku wins his first tournament.

Chi chi and Goku get married and have their whole life ahead of them.