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Vegeta, well until he met Goku, was the strongest saiya-jin known for his incredible power and strength at such a young age. His father King Vegeta was killed by Freeza along with all the other Saiya-jins on Planet Vegeta (the Saiya-jins home planet). Vegeta was Freeza's servant, partnering up with Nappa, destroyed planets for Freeza and did what he told him. He knew that Freeza had killed his father. But all he said was, "so", and went on like nothing happened. He planned on getting stronger and stronger until he was strong anough to beat Freeza, but he wouldn't try until he was for shore he could win. Vegeta is sent to Earth on one of Freeza's missions. He meets Goku and finds that he isn't so tuff as he thought.Goku has surpassed him so he flees in his spaceship. After that he always fights to become stronger than all the other z fighters. He succeed some of the times but Goku or Gohan would pass him in the next few episodes. Vegeta is a one of the most strongest Saiya-jins and has the pride to become the strongest. He marries Bulma, but doesn't show much love between them. Later on, he has Trunks, then after that his daughter Bra. The first time he hugs trunks is when he is almost 9 and is about to die, a very sad moment ;.;(i almost cried). But Vegeta is always looking for a new and harder challenge and will never give up till he's dead. Vegeta appears in DBZ and DBGT and is the most exciting character in DBZ.
Future Trunks:
Future Trunks is trunks in the "other future" it is rather hard to explain. In the "other future" all the other z fighters die, Gohan and Trunks (the only survivors because of Android #18 and Android #17) train to beat the Androids. After intense training Trunks turns super saiya-jin, over Gohan's death. In the end, he still isn't strong anough to beat the Androids. Bulma (his mother) makes a time machine (called hope!) to send him into the past. So he goes back in time, to find Cyborg Freeza arrive on earth. He beats King Cold and cyborg Freeza. Then fights the Androids but fails. Cell absorbs the Androids, and he fails again to find victory against Cell. He does reach ultimate super saiya-jin during the fight with Cell, when Cell almost kills Vegeta, but it only slows down his speed and increases his power. He returns to the future a little after Chibi Trunks is born and appears in dbz at times.

Chibi Trunks:
Vegeta and Bulma's son, Chibi Trunks has extraordinary power at a young age. He becomes a super saiya-jin at age 8 and always is around Goten (Goku and Chichi's 2nd son).They are best of friends and tend to get themselves into some trouble often. He merges with Goten to make Gotenks to kill Majin Buu but fails. He only reaches super saiya-jin 3 when he fuses with Goten.He always wanted a brother like Goten. In movie 13, he pretends Tapion is his older brother which makes him very happy.

Tapion, known as "legend of the brave" is from the planet Konack. A demon called Hildegarn was destroying his planet. Him and his brother (Minoshia) play a song on a ocarina that stops Hildegarn in his tracks. Tapion chops him in half. Hoi possess him and the upper half of Hildegarn is trapped inside him. He is put in an oracle and sent away as far away from Minoshia (which has the lower half of Hildegarn in him).He has a ocarina and a sword (reminds me of Link). Hoi brings Tapion to Earth and is released by Shenlon, from his oracle. Hildegarn is released from him and it raids the city and Goku and the z fighters fight against Hildegarn and... well u know what happens. Tapion gives Chibi Trunks his sword which he is seen with when he comes back from the future.

Minoshia appears in movie 13, not much but anough to make a bio, he is Tapion's younger brother (also from the planet Konack).As along with Tapion he fights Hildegarn and is possesed and has the lower half inside him. Hoi gets ahold of his oracle, which he is concealed in, and releass lower Hildegarn.Soon after that Minoshia is killed, stepped on, rather tragic. He is remembered as "legend of the brave" and is a loyal hero.

A black magician, along with other of its race, released Hildegarn from statue form. It destroyed planet Konack.He gets his hands on the oracle that holds Tapion and Minoshia. He releases both, ending in Minoshia's death and Tapions release from the oracle. He is killed by his own creation, Hildegarn, he is stepped on also, like Minoshia.

A demon which was originally a statue was born by a unknown race, one which was Hoi. Hildegarn raided Planet Konack and was finally concealed by Tapion and Minoshia. He becomes complete on planet Earth which he raids also and destroys some things. He is killed by Goku using the ryu ken (dragon fist).

Tsufurusennin's three eyed student.First appears in dragonball. He soon becomes Goku's friend and assists him in many battles threw DB and DBZ. He is never all that much help, he is always greatly surpasses by enemies threw DBZ. He is the strongest human z fighter and is always training wit them to keep up. He never gives up till he's nearly dead.

Krillin, Goku's best friend, plays in all the series. He was a munk at Orinji temple and meets up with Master Roshi to train him.He gives Goku and Krillin a test to see who he will train. Krillin offers him pornography.He has six dots on his head from the temple he served. Also he is bold for fighting sercomstances. But later on Android #18 (his wife in DBZ) makes him grow it back out. Him and Android #18 have Maron (his first girlfriend's name).He stays fairly short all his life. He is'nt much help during battles but comes in handy sometimes (to carry away the injured, that's about it).

Goku is the main character, everything evolves around Goku. Goku, not always the smartest, but is usually the one on top. He is the most strongest of the z fighters until Gohan surpasses him (at times).He is sent to earth from Planet Vegeta to Earth where he is ment to destroy Earth in a few months.On his arrival on Earth Gohan (his Grandpa). His Grandpa finds Goku to be evil and hatred. One day Goku hits his head in a big fall and becomes harmless (and somewhat retarted, lol not really). Master Roshi trains him and he surpasses Master Roshi. The story goes on threw DBZ threw lots of battles, situations, and comedy. He always gives his enemy another chance to live and does let them, but usually ends in the enemy dies anyway. He is the only person who knows the kaioken techingue and the genki dama, (spirit bomb) besides Cell.There is not and episode without him. He has Gohan and his 2nd son Goten with his wife Chichi.

Goku's wife, and Goten and Gohan's very controlling and caring mother. Her father is the Ox King (also known as Magical Cow King) .Chichi is always making Gohan do his homework and studies. Verbally abusive, Chichi can control Goku like a dog on a leash. She will do anything to safe her "little Gohan". She usually stays home and cooks and cleans, the times what Goku is actually around. Chichi appears in DB, DBZ, and DBGT.

Dr. briefs daughter, she is very smart and creative. She is the first person Goku meets in Dragonball.She helps the z fighters out techniquily in dbz.. After the bout on Planet Namek she starts to fall in love with Vegeta. Yamcha, her former boyfriend, doesn't like the idea but eventually gets over it. She has Trunks and after that , a daughter Bra. Vegeta doesn't give Bulma much attention but she knows he loves her. She appears in DB, DBZ, and DBGT.

Nappa was Vegeta's partner while destroying planets. On their visit to Earth Nappa fails while fighting Goku and Vegeta kills him with a final flash. Nappa fights his way back from hell to get revenge on Vegeta,but Vegeta once again kills him easily.

North Kaiou's pet monkey that helps Goku when training. It is very used to the gravity on North Kaiou's planet and seems to be pretty strong.

North Kaiou's grasshopper that helps Goku during his training.

Gogeta is Vegeta and Goku's form when they do the fusion dance. The first time they attempt this is in movie 12. They make fat Gogeta the first time becau se Vegeta doesn't piont his index finger out, he just makes a fist. He is VERY strong. He also appears in DBGT.

Vegetto is Vegeta and Goku's form when they use the Potara earings. They fuse when fighting super Buu and is superior to Buu. The Potara earings are supposed to be a permanent fusion but he let Buu absorb him and they unfuse.

Piccolo is Kami's other half. He trains Gohan when he is young and becomes his best friend. Piccolo has great feelings for Gohan and sacrifices everything for Gohan. He was Goku's greatest rival in DB and Piccolo wanted to take over the world. But in DBZ that all changed after the fight with Radditz ending in Piccolo killing Goku and Radditz. Piccolo has great power for a Namek-jin and later on fuses with Kami to make ultra Namek-jin Piccolo. He helps the z warriors out alot and keeps up with them very well. He's a pretty strong green doode.

Kami is the Gaurdian of the Earth. He created the dragonballs on Earth. Also Piccolo's other half, if Piccolo dies so will he. When he fuses with Piccolo, Dende takes over being the Gaurdian of Earth.

Dende was a child on Planet Namek, until it exploded, and him (along with all the other Namek-jins) where sent to Earth. After landed on Earth they made New Namek. After Piccolo fused with Kami he was to be the gaurdian of the Earth.

South Kaiou:
South Kaiou, rather retarded, is a rival to North Kaiou. His best student Papoi is no match for Goku.

West Kaiou:
Always thinks Paikuhan, his best student, is the strongest in the universe. But Goku, slightly stronger beats him in the Anoyoichi Budoukai. He is friends with Goku and helps him battle.

East Kaiou:
He helps Goku and z fighters in the Majin Buu saga. He worns them about Buu's awakening and reincarnation. He is the most powerful Being in heaven and close to the z fighters.

Android #13:
The star in movie #7. He is the strongest Android in movie #7. Along with his partners, android #13 and #14, their only objective is to kill Goku and whoever gets in thier way. After the other android are killed, their power chip goes into android #13 and makes super #13.This is where the battle begins. His power level exeeds Goku's and Goku makes a spirit bomb and absorbs it and kills super #13 in one punch.

Android #14:
The biggest of the three androids that star in movie #7 (all made by dr. gero). He exeeds the power of a normal saiya-jin but when super saiya-jin, theres no comparison. Future Trunks finishes him off and his power chip goes into android #13.

The smallest of the androids in movie #7. He is the comedic part of the movie. He's an alcoholic, yes an alcoholic. He fights Vegeta and seems to be stronger than him until he turns super saiya-jin and android #15 is kill and his power chip goes to android #13.

King Cold:
Freeza and Koola's father and weaker than Freeza and Koola.

Koola stars in movie # 5 and # 6. He is stronger than Freeza and could transform different than Freeza. After Goku defeats him by shooting him into the sun. He was made as Metal Koola ,by the Big Ghetti Star. They can regenerate and the Big Ghetti Star is owned by Koola's brain. Goku and Vegeta pair up to defeat him.

Chao-zu was an emporer before he became friends with Tenshinhan. He is the master of telepathy and mind controlling abilities. Chao-zu's best friends with Tenshinhan and is always around him. He dies in the battle with Vegeta and Nappa but he is also brought back to life after the fight on Namek. After the Saiya-jin fight Chao-zu doesn't fight that much. Chao-zu is in DB, DBZ, and DBGT. His power level doesn't increase that much after training so he can't keep up with the Z Fighters.

Oolong is a pig that first comes in DB and he is also in DGZ and DBGT. He is usually at Master Roshi's house because they are both pervs. Oolong can not fight at all. Oolong can change into anything he wants but that is his only power. He can only change shapes for 5 minutes.

Puar can change into anything he wants. His best friend is Yamcha. He is usually with Yamcha when he is training. Puar can fly and change shapes but that are the only things that he can do. Puar can change shapes as long as he wants unlike Oolong. He is in DB, DBZ, and DBGT.

Freeza is King Cold's son and Koola's brother Freeza is the second strongest out of the family. Freeza controls all the saiya-jins and sends them to destroy the inhabitants on all the planets until Freeza ends up killing all the saiya-jins and destroying Planet Vegeta, the saiya-jins' home planet. Then Freeza heads to Namek where he tries to become immortal after hearing about the Namek dragonballs. Freeza has 4 different forms each reaching a greater level. After Goku's victory, Planet Namek explodes and Freeza's remains are floating in space. Then King Cold finds his remains and makes him into a cyborg. Cyborg Freeza heads straight for Earth planning on meeting Goku and killing him and destroying the planet. As he arrives on Earth he meets Future Trunks and is killed easily.

Master Roshi:
Master Roshi is a master of the martial arts. His was trained by Grandpa Gohan along with Ox King. His most famous move, the kamehameha, took him 50 years to learn. Master Roshi trained Goku and Krillin. He taught Goku the kamehameha. Before Goku was stronger than him he won several Martial Arts Tournaments. Master Roshi lives in the Kame House and stays home most of the time watching porn and drinking beer. He is also a huge perv like Oolong. After DB Master Roshi doesn't fight much because he can't keep up with Goku and the others. He is in DB, DBZ and DBGT.

Mr. Popo:
Mr. Popo is the assistant of the guardian of the Earth. He is Kami's assistant until Kami fuses with Piccolo and then he is Dende's assistant. He doesn't have much power and he flies around on a magic carpet. Mr. Popo is Kami's best friend. He is in DB, DBZ, and DBGT.

Android #16:
Android #16, made by Dr. Gero to kill Goku, is known as the silent warrior. He is a nature lover and when #17 & #18 brought him to life he wasn't quite complete but he was still stronger than #17 and #18. His mission at first is to destroy Goku but then he ends up on Goku's side in the Cell fight. Cell blows off part of his head but then Bulma rebuilds him. Eventually Cell kills #16 by crushing his head.

Android #17:
Made by Dr. Gero to kill Goku, Android #17 was very strong. He would have killed Goku, but Cell absorbed him to become the perfect body. Android #17 did not last that long because he was weaker than Cell.

Android #18:
Android #18, the only female android, was made by Dr. Gero to kill Goku. Her and #17 were going to kill Goku but she got absorbed by Cell so Cell could become the perfect body. During Cell's fight with Gohan Android #18 was spit out of Cell's body. Then she married Krillin and they had a daughter named Marron.

Android #19:
Android #19 is also made by Dr. Gero to kill Goku. He doesn't last long because Vegeta turns Super Saiya-jin and kills him with ease.

Android #20:
Android #20, also known as Dr. Gero, wanted to kill Goku for destroying the Red Ribbon Army. He fights with Piccolo and becomes weak thats when he goes and activates Android #17 and #18. Then #17 kills him.

Mr. Satan:
Mr. Satan is the strongest man on Earth who can't control their ki. He is the World's Martial Arts Champion and he takes credit for killing Cell. He is a coward and always wins his fights because he pays his opponent to let him win. He has a daughter named Videl that becomes stronger than him. Mr. Satan is the comic relief in DBZ.

Videl is Mr. Satan's daughter. She meets Gohan in High School. Videl becomes the Great Saiyaman 2(Gohan being the Great Saiyaman 1) and they fight crime together. Eventually she learns to fly and becomes stronger than her father. She marries Gohan and has a daughter named Pan.

Pan is only 1/4 saiya-jin but she is the strongest female in Dragonball. She is Goku's grandaughter. She is very adventurous and usually gets in trouble with Chibi Trunk and Chibi Goku. Pan is the daughter of Gohan and Videl.

Cell,the strongest android, was made to kill Goku. Cell has 3 forms. Form #1 is when he first came out of his outer layer of skin. Form #2 is after he absorbs #17 and Form #3 is after he absorbs #18 and he becomes perfect. Cell is composed of dna from all the best fighters of the world. He can use all their moves. He fights Goku and Goku knows he can't win so then he fights Gohan. Gohan turns Super Saiya-jin 2 and becomes stronger than Cell. Knowing this, Cell self destructs killing Goku, North Kaiou, Bubbles and Gregory. But then Cell regenerates, thanks to Piccolo's dna, and goes back to Earth where Gohan kills him with the kamehameha while Vegeta destracts him.

Gohan is Goku's and Chichi's first son. From when Gohan was very small he was strong. Goku wants Gohan to become a great fighter but all Chichi wants is for Gohan to become really smart. After the fight with Radditz, Piccolo trained Gohan and became his best friend. Gohan gave Piccolo great respect and Piccolo sacrificed his life for Gohan in the Saiya-jin Saga. Gohan first turns Super Saiya-jin at the age of 10. He is very determined to become as strong as Goku. While fighting Cell Gohan turns Super Saiya-jin 2. He is the first Saiya-jin to turn Super Saiya-jin 2. As Gohan gets to High School he mets Videl and they become crime fighters together. He calls himself the Great Saiyaman. Before he thought of the name the Great Saiyaman he was going to call himself The Golden Haired Warrior. After High School he stops training as much as he used to and he doesn't raise his power level as much as Goku expected him to. Gohan marries Videl and has a daughter named Pan. He is in DBZ and DBGT.

Brolly is the legendary super saiya-jin and is very strong at that. He is kind of crazy in the head and what all caused that was Goku when they where both babies. Goku screamed and bitched all the time so it drove him to be chemicaly unbalanced and have an instinct hate for Goku. He doesn't talk all that much but he makes up for it in power. He claims to be the Devil and is really crazy. Him and his father, Paragas, lived on Planet Vegeta, like all other Saiya-jins. King Vegeta didn't like the fact that Brolly's power level was so high when he was born(10,000). So King Vegeta stabbed him with a knife and threw him and his father away to die. Soon after that the planet exploded. With Brolly's extraordinary power he saved himself and his father. Soon later they landed on what they called New Vegeta, located in South Galaxy. Paragas, his father, planned on bringing prince Vegeta himself to the new planet and so Vegeta excepted , of course. On New Vegeta Brolly and Paragas control the planet and have slaves from Planet Shamo to do their work. Goku finds out Brolly's secret, when his father can't control him anymore with his remote control on his wrist. Brolly is in three movies (8, 10, and 11). He plays a big role in the movies and is a great enemy, and very strong. Brolly only appears in the movies but still is an awesome character.

Paragas is brolly's father, not to strong but has loyalty among many. After he is saved by his son, brolly, he makes New Vegeta. After finding the Saiya-jin prince he later dies by his own son, crushed inside a Saiya-jin capsule.

This very strong character stars in the villain role in movie #9. He takes over the martial arts tournament and beats all the z fighters but one, Son Gohan. Bojack and his men (and women) are far to powerful for any of the z fighters, but Gohan and the help of his father reaches ssj2 and beats Bojack and all his men easily.

The father of Babidi, and a great magician. He created Buu in an attempt to gain control of the universe. Buu manages to kill all the Kaioushins except one, and he kills him in a showdown. But, Babidi continues his work and resurrects Buu and the world is in threat again.

The son of Bibidi and is a great magician also. He can posses people with the evil they have in them. He and Dabura resurrect Majin Buu and plan to destroy the universe. But Goku takes care of all that ^_^.

The father of Goku and Radditz. He is fairly strong for his time along with his team. He follows Freeza'a deeds.While destroying a planet with his team, he is hit in the head by some creatures move, from then on he has the ability to see the future.Them one day, Freeza's body guards attack him and his team, luckily he survives against Dodoria. He sees that in the future the Saiya-jins planet will explode due to Freeza. He tells the Saiya-jins on Planet Vegeta about Freeza's plan to wipe out the Saiya-jins and alls they do is laugh. He calls them assholes and leaves to go kill Freeza himself. On the way he sees his son for the last time in the baby room ;.;. He calls him a piece of crap, for having such a low power level, and is on to fight freeza. Freeza shoots a huge ball of energy at the planet destroying it. Bardock's last words to Goku was to kill Freeza, so Freeza will die in a Saiya-jins' hands.

Baata is the fastest of the Ginyu force, and some what powerful. He usually teams up with Jiisu for his attacks.

Guldo is the weakest of the Ginyu force but he can stop a power superior to his strength in a heart beat. He can stop time when holding his breath. But he doesn't fight all that much, and usually when he uses the attack he is running away.

He isn't so powerful but he last longer than the others. Him and Baata usually team up for their attacks.

The biggest person in the Ginyu force. Although he can't move very fast he is head strong and very strong. He could be beaten by a smaller and faster foe rather easily.

The by far strongest of the Ginyu force. He has the ability to swap bodies with his foe if he foe is much stronger than he is. With that ability it becomes some problems and he is turned into a frog.

Garlic Junior:
The son of Garlic. Garlic junior always wanted revenge for his fathers death in the dead zone. After Garlic was turned down for the throne of god and Kami was chosen the battle began. He was put in the dead zone where he eventually died. After Garlic Junior wishes eternal youth, he makes a dead zone to trap everyone in it. Eventually, he traps himself in the dead zone where he stays for a period of time. He returns and Gohan fights him in a showdown, along with Piccolo. Garlic junior attempts the dead zone once again where he gets trapped again, but this time, forever.

Zarbon is one of Freeza's body gaurds. He is kind of a pretty boy but when he is being beat he has the ability to transform into a huge ugly monster.

Freeza's big pink body guard. Dodoria likes to pick on people weaker than him, but he is no match for Vegeta though.

Dai Kaiou:
His power is nothing to the z fighters but he is the overseer of the galaxy tournaments. He is on movie 12.

Dai Kaioushin:
Dai Kaioushin is absorbed by Majin Buu and that's what give him a fat round look. He is the god of gods.

Radditz claims to be Goku's brother. He I strong for the time he is around but not for Piccolo's new move (at the time) the makankosappo. Radditz lands on earth to find Goku and the planet unharmed. He finds Goku and then the battle starts. Radditz and Goku are killed by Piccolo's makankosappo.

Rou Dai Kaioushin:
Trapped in the z sword around 75,000,000 b.c. he is released from the z sword for Gohan a power upgrade. He is a perv like most old people in DBZ and later sacrifices himself so Goku can live again.