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Technique 2

Here's the list of the attacks you can learn, while training under certain mastery. Check out the Masterys page for details on how long it will take to learn each of these moves.

Big Bang Attack - A move used to finish your opponent off. (4D10 times 100, +1D8 times 100 per Level. 25 Stamina, 250 Chi.)

Breath Cannon - Stinky breath. (2D8 times 100.)

Chi Shield - Uses Chi to form a force field around the user and it reduces all hits by 25%. (2 Stamina, 50 Chi. Per turn of use.)

Chou Bakuretsumaha - Performed when you power up the blast, between the palms of your hands, in front of your chest. Then releasing the blast. (3D6 times 100, +1D6 times 100 per turn of charging it. 10 Stamina, 100 Chi.)

Chou Kamehameha - Ultimate Kamehameha attack. (10D6 times 100, +1D8 times 100 per Level. 40 Stamina, 500 Chi.)

Control Oozari - Allows you to choose what attack you want, when you are transformed into an Ape. Doubles all Stats. When you turn back to normal, your Stamina is halfed and your Stats go back to normal. (Automatically used when you transform.)

Death Ball - (Can only be learned by Evil people.) Small, but it's a powerful ball of evil energy. (5D10 times 100, +1D4 times 100 per 2 Levels. 15 Stamina, 300 Chi.)

Destructo Disc - Focuses your energy into a giant disc, that can cut almost anything into two. (5D6 times 100. 30 Stamina, 500 Chi. Role for the following. If first role is below 50, then opponent is cut and looses blood during his turn. Role 1D6 times 100 for blood loss on their every turn. If he is cut, then role again. If below 50, opponent loses a limb. Role to see what limb they loose.)

Detect PL/Stats - If you have this move, then you will be able to tell if someone is hiding their PL/Stats. But, you can't tell how much they are hiding. (Can be done outside of battle. 30 Chi.)

Dragon Fist - User transforms into a Dragon, raising PL and Strength. (Adds 250 to PL and 20 to Strength. 5 Stamina, 50 Chi.)

Energy Blast - Huge Chi bolts, shot from both hands. (3D8 times 100, +1D4 times 50 per Level. 15 Stamina, 150 Chi.)

Energy Rings - You fire energy rings at your opponent. If opponent doesn't dodge, the rings disable opponent for three turns. (2D6 times 100. 15 Stamina, 100 Chi.)

Evil Destructo Disc - (Only Evil people can learn this.) Same as a regular Destructo Disc, except if opponent dodges, you have two more chances to hit them. (5D6 times 100. 20 Stamina, 200 Chi. Role for the following. If first role is below 50, then opponent is cut and looses blood during his turn. Role 1D6 times 100 for blood loss on their every turn. If he is cut, then role again. If below 50, opponent loses a limb. Role to see what limb they loose.)

Evil Energy - (Only Evil people can learn this.) Large ball of energy. (4D6 times 100. 10 Stamina, 150 Chi.)

Final Flash - (Only Evil people can learn this.) It is quite like the Kamehameha. Although taking much longer to charge and causing more damage. (1D6 times 100, +2D6 times 100 per Level. 30 Stamina, 500 Chi.)

Fusion - This technique is used to fuse two people, into a single person. It gives the fused person a huge power boost. Anyone can do the Fusion, but you have to have close to the same PL, as the person you fuse with. Fusion lasts 10 turns. All Stats are added together. If you die, both people die.

Galic Gun - Large Chi blast, simular to the Chou Kamehameha. (10D6 times 100, +1D10 times 100 per Level. 45 Stamina, 600 Chi.)

Gekitotsu Buu Buu Volleyball - After trapping someone with Energy Rings, you can use this move to get them into a volleyball. You then beat the ball around, before spiking it to the ground. (7D6 times 100. 10 Stamina, 100 Chi.)

Genki Dama - (Can only be learned if you're Good, Nuetral or Quazi Evil.) Add 5% more to the attack if your Quazi Evil, 10% more if your Nuetral or 20% more if your Good. You can charge up the Genki Dama to make it stronger. For every turn you use to charge, it makes the Genki Dama 15% stronger and also takes off two more points of Stamina. If you get hit while charging, you lose the Genki Dama and the Stamina you used to make it. So, in a fight, you could try to dodge your opponents attack, while you charge or you could have a friend fight, while you charge. If the opponent chooses to attack the person charging, then the other fighter can choose to take the hit, to save the Genki Dama. (20D6 times 100. 40 Stamina, 1500 Chi.)

Hide PL/Stats - Allows user to hide a portion of PL/Stats at will. The hidden Pl/Stats can only be detected by the Detect PL/Stats move. During a fight, the opponent gets the percent of the current PL, even if this move is in effect. User is allowed to hide as much PL/Stats as he/she wishes, but can not excede the PL/Stats, allowed by the X of the move. Takes one turn to "Power Up" and get the amount of the PL/Stats you wish. (X 1 - 25%, X 2 - 50%, X 3 - 75% and X 4 - As much as you want, but can't go below a 1000 PL and Stats can't go below 25 each.)

Jan Ken Punch - Three strong punches. (Strength times 10.)

Kaifuku - "Healing" - The ability to completely heal people near death, with hands. (Can be used on self, but you or they must have less than 500 HP, before you can use this. 30 Stamina, 400 Chi.)

Kaioken - (Can be learned by both Good and Evil.) Adds 500 to PL and 10 to Strength, Stamina and Speed. For every X, add 500 to PL and 10 to Strength, Stamina and Speed. (15 Stamina, for each multiple. 5 Stamina per turn of use.)

Kiai - An invisible attack, that knocks your enemy back. (2D6 times 100. 2 Stamina, 50 Chi.)

Kyodaika - Grows your body to a huge size, making your blows more effective. (Doubles Strength.)

Kyoken - You scare your enemy by rushing him and barking, then jump behind him and kick him. (Opponent can't block attack. Strength times 3.)

Makankosappo - A photon drill beam shot from two fingers. (5D6 times 100, +1D6 per turn of charging it. 30 Stamina, 400 Chi.)

Power Ball - Allows you to transform into an Ape if your are a Saiyajin. (Lasts 10 turns. 15 Stamina, 200 Chi.)

Renzoku Energy Dan - Fire many Chi bolts from your hands continuously. (2D10 times 100, +1D4 times 100 per Level. 10 Stamina, 150 Chi.)

Saruken - A distract and avoid technique. (Adds 50% to dodging attacks. 5 Stamina, 100 Chi. Per turn of use.)

Shunkan Idou - A teleportation technique. (Used out of battle to get to other planets. 2 Stamina, 100 Chi.)

Speedy Power Up - The ability to double your PL before you perform a move. (Example: You use this move, then use an attack for twice the amount of damage.) Can only be learned/used if you have the Hide PL/Stats move and it can't give you more than your full PL. To "Power Down", you must take one full turn. Also allows you to use your full Stats in a fight, without revealing them. (50 Chi. Per turn of use.)

Taiyoken - The Solar Flare technique. Can only be blocked by covering your eyes. (50% chance of hitting and disables opponent for two turns. Also cuts Speed in half for two turns. 10 Stamina, 200 Chi.)

Transform - If you are a Changeling or a Majin, you get to transform into different forms. Changelings have 4 forms and when they transform into their second form, they get times two of everything added to their Stats. Their third form gets times three to all Stats and their forth form gets times four to all Stats. Majins have two forms. The first one is the one they're in at the moment and their second form gets times three to all Stats. (2 Stamina, 25 Chi. Per turn in form.)

Tri Form - Splits your body into three different bodies. You play each of these bodies as a different character. Stats are cut into 1/3 for each body. HP, Chi and PL are also divided by 1/3. When one body loses all of its HP, your body with the most HP absorbs it and gains its Stats. To go back into one body, it takes one turn.

Zanzoken - Move fast enough to leave an after image and attack from another point. (Adds 50% to countering chance. 5 Stamina, 50 Chi. Per turn of use.)